Drop in on Val at any given moment; itís likely sheíll be surrounded by people. Whether sheís spending time with her family, fundraising for her daughterís athletic team at the student car wash, attending a community event or hard at work with her clients, you can tell sheís in her element. Itís just who she is.  Being around people, working together and building lasting relationships is natural for her-itís a comfortable fit.

Valís down-to-earth demeanor and her quick-witted sense of humor draw  people to her almost instantly. Anyone will tell you that she is easy to be around-perhaps because she genuinely likes most everyone she meets and they can sense that right away. Itís in the warmth of her smile and in the way she truly listens to what you have to say.

People have always been a motivating factor in Valís life. Even at her first job-working the printing press at her fatherís print shop-her favorite part of the job was working face-to-face with the customers. .  She honed her marketing skills while working at a direct mail firm, and the goal of her job was to increase business volume for her clients by creating plans to yield them maximum advertising exposure to their target markets. She really enjoyed meeting with her customers and helping them identify their needs. Regardless of what she was doing, her customers always felt comfortable with her. This became the key to her professional achievements along her career path and continues to be her ďsecretĒ to success even now.

In her free time, Val tries to spend as much time with her daughters as she can. She also enjoys going to local museums, art galleries and concerts. To relax, she loves to read a good British mystery or detective novel and travel to warm beach destinations.

Itís evident that where Val is most at ease herself, and really excels at making her clients feel cared for and comfortable, is in her career as a real estate professional in Fairfield & New Haven Counties. Her down-to- earth approach, easy sense of humor and warm demeanor instantly builds a reassuring relationship with her clients. In addition, she lets her clients know-by listening carefully to their needs and through her unwavering hard work ethic-she will be with them for the long run, every step of the way. Itís her trademark to give her clients 100 percent of her focus when she is with them, and perhaps that trait was passed down from her mother, who was also a reputable and well-respected Realtor  while Val was growing up. The combination of Valís knowledge and welcoming personality make the process comfortable, and she absolutely loves working with her clients to help them realize their real estate dreams.

Val is dedicated to giving each of her clients the personal, one-on-one attention they deserve and the professional service they expect. With a heavy presence on the Internet, strong business and marketing savvy, an invaluable network of resources and nearly a decade of experience in the industry, you are certain to get the results you are after when you work with Val. It all comes back to her love of people and her desire to help them achieve their goals. If you are looking to buy or sell a home in Trumbull, Shelton or the Greater Bridgeport
area, you owe it to yourself to work with a Realtor who cares about your needs and wants to make your move a positive, relaxed and stress-free experience. Val is A Comfortable Fit and the right professional to help you with all your real estate needs. Give her a call today. Youíll be glad you did.